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Did you ever know someone who had "everything"?

This got buried in my inbox and I totally forgot about it.

I’m certain I have not known someone like that.  Not sure I even know someone who is even close to it.  

As for me, I don’t think it’s possible to have everything but I do believe in being happy with what you’ve got.


Boys and girls. I cannot stress this enough.


Boys and girls. I cannot stress this enough.

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Can’t let the feels be on the top of my page, so have some fuckin’ bullets

  • Dad had his angiogram today.  Had some artery blockages including one at 100% blocked, but no major arteries.  Likely bypass surgery in a couple weeks.  Not great news necessarily, but not bad considering I’m thinking.
  • Not sure if it’s stress or what, but I’ve been feeling light-headed since late yesterday.  The little seat thing at WalMart told me my blood pressure is 147/77.  Whoops!  I’ve never had BP issues so this is new.  Ugh.
  • The fam made it to OK last night after a really damn long time on the road.  Hooray!
  • My Rangers are on pace to lose 99 games.  Fuuuuck man.  Bring on the off season and college football!  At least a couple young guys are improving and they’ll have a nice draft pick next year.
  • I did six days in a row of P90X3 up until Saturday, then I’ve slacked since then with work and the family coming through.  Not enough time in the day.  Planned to get back on track today, but that blood pressure told me to relax a little.
  • Bought the entire freaking Lucero catalog the other day.  Damn, I’m in freaking love with this band.  I liked what I heard of them on my Drive-by Truckers Pandora station for the longest time and now I’m kicking myself for not digging into their stuff a lot sooner.
  • Luckily a nice, relaxing weekend coming up.  The Professor’s birthday is tomorrow so I’ll hang out with her quite a bit.  No real plans other than food, alcohol, movie-watchin’ and nudity.
  • On that note…
  • Boobs.

Tuesday sorta stuff…

So like a week ago I mentioned the thoughts and worry rolling around in my brain.  It’s still there.  For that matter, it’s grown a bit more.

Talked to my parents last weekend and they told me that my dad has been having what they think is heart trouble.  Turns out he hasn’t worked in two months and they just now told me.  I call them almost every Sunday night.  They didn’t want me to worry.  He’s having an angiogram tomorrow.

Dad also told me that my grandmother (his mom) has been getting worse.  She’s been dealing with dementia / Alzheimer’s kinda stuff.  She was at a restaurant with my aunt when my neice and her other grandma (My sister-in-law’s mom.  Confused yet?) came over to say hello.  After they walked off, my grandma asked my aunt who that was.  Aunt had to tell her that the girl was her great-granddaughter.

Fast forward to now and my other grandma (mom’s mom) has been in the hospital with unbelievably low vitamin B levels to the point that she’s not producing enough blood.  My mom has been with her in the hospital for four days and is dealing with dad’s stuff tomorrow on top of it.  She’s a nervous wreck.

I realize that as a 38 year old, I am BEYOND lucky to still have both parents and both grandmothers.  For that matter, both of my grandfathers were around to see my first born even though they’ve both been gone for several years now.  On top of that, I had relationships with several of my great-grandparents when I was a kid with one great-grandma around long enough to meet my oldest.

Considering my age, I’ve probably gotten by way too long without a lot of loss when it comes to family.  Still though, I’m not ready for all this.  Sure the hell not ready for it all at once, that’s for damn sure.  Being 1,100 miles away from it doesn’t help any either.

On top of that, wife and kids are driving to Oklahoma / Texas for the next week plus to visit family (mostly hers with a quick visit to mine amidst the chaos).  They left my WV house this morning and are trying to get all the way to Tulsa, OK.  They’re making good time, but I worry.  I didn’t make the trip because a) 90% of the trip is seeing her family since we saw mine for the funeral at Christmas, and b) they’re gone for over a week and I don’t have the PTO to do it.

Now I’m wishing I’d have just gone with them.  Nothing I could really do by being there and I’d still have to put up with her family, but just cussing the distance at this point.

Ugh.  Enough of the damn feels.  I usually don’t dump like this around here.  Not really a fan of it, honestly.

Boobs.  Okay… that got a little smile through a tear or two.

I think I have a new life motto.

I think I have a new life motto.

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I SWEAR someone tagged me on that selfie thing a few days ago. I’ll be damned if I can remember who or find it, but oh well. Here ya go. Dug through the archive for a couple of these.

5 random things…

I’m sure I’ve done this before, but I got tagged by love-secret-whispers soooo…  I’ll attempt to come up with new ones, but no promises.  Some of you that have followed me for three-plus years may know this stuff.

1.  Grew up in a tiny town in Oklahoma.  16 people in my graduating class.  I was voted along with another guy as Most Likely to Succeed.  I’ve done okay for myself, but the other guy… Rhodes Scholar.

2.  I’m a huge baseball fan, but back in the day when I played I suuuuuucked at it.  Did somehow manage to find a power swing when I briefly played after my back surgery.  Didn’t see much game action (‘cause I sucked) but managed to hit the fence during BP a few times when hit from the backstop.  For reference purposes, the backstop was a good 30 feet or more behind home plate.

3.  Speaking of back surgery, had scoliosis as a kid.  Spine curved sideways so I had steel rods put in my back at 13.  Always hoped I’d set off metal detectors, but no such luck.  Makes things uncomfortable as fuck at times as an adult though.  Lift with your legs, people!

4.  Both of my kids are deaf and have cochlear implants.  When we were told that 14 was deaf at roughly a year and a half old, wife and I had absolutely no idea what the hell we were going to do or how we were going to do it.  Can’t imagine life any other way at this point though.

5.  Didn’t meet wife until college, but we knew lots of mutual people through church stuff.  Turns out we were both at a church youth event about a year before we met when I was a senior in high school and she was a freshman in college.

6.  Bonus because I feel like sharing again:  Wife and I met one of my first days on campus (she’s a year older) but we were only friends that fall semester.  For the last couple months before Christmas break, I actually dated her roommate.  Roommate and I were friends first and probably should have stayed that way.  Just didn’t click when we tried dating and it was pretty obvious to everyone.  There was no sex and it was a friendly breakup when we called it quits though.  Shortly after, I started dating wife.  If you watch Seinfeld, I successfully pulled off the roommate switch.  Fast forward a bit and wife and I married (of course), roommate sang in the wedding and we’re still friends with her.

I’m not one to tag people on this sort of thing, but feel free to fire away if you feel like it.  If not, no big whoop.

I just need her here for reasons.

I just need her here for reasons.

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How terrible is your relationship on a scale of 1 to “we have a joint Facebook account?”

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Transcript of Eric Nadel’s bring-em-to-their feet Hall of of Fame speech

Reading the Hall of Fame induction speech of my favorite broadcaster made my living room kinda dusty all of a sudden.

Didn’t go back to Maryland this weekend (fam coming here briefly on Mon) so I ran three miles. I think the new shirt makes my face look a bit more red than usual. 

Now on to Day 6 of P90X3.

Didn’t go back to Maryland this weekend (fam coming here briefly on Mon) so I ran three miles. I think the new shirt makes my face look a bit more red than usual.

Now on to Day 6 of P90X3.

Once upon a time, szeeee said this was good and I’ve always kept it in the back of my head. Saw it and procured it at my local Kroger. I’m not one to spend $12 on a four pack, but this looks outstanding.

Once upon a time, szeeee said this was good and I’ve always kept it in the back of my head. Saw it and procured it at my local Kroger. I’m not one to spend $12 on a four pack, but this looks outstanding.

sparkgrrl658 replied to your photo “Annoying as fuck inventory guy from corporate named Bob here today….”

i love pete. he slowly became one of my favorite characters, either despite or because of all his ridiculousness. (…and receding hairline, haha.)

He used to annoy the crap out of me, but I’m kinda in the same boat now.  I’m not sure whether to hate or admire that him and his hairline can pull such hot tail like Allison Brie, the Girlmore Girl and the real estate agent chick.

Eric Clapton - Call Me the Breeze

Lead single from the new JJ Cale tribute album.  Loved me some JJ since he was a fellow Okie, love Clapton and excited at guys like Tom Petty and Willie Nelson.  Should be a great album.